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Texas Flood insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance in Texas

Did you know that floods are one of the most common natural disasters across the country? They are responsible for millions of dollars in damages every year, and this includes residents' homes. You don't need to be in a high-risk area for water to wreak havoc on your home. Even an amount as small as one-inch can create much structural damage to your home. Our professional team from FB Taylor helps our clients have the protection they need from flooding disasters.

Flood Insurance Policy in Nederland, TX

It is critical to understand that most of the homeowners' insurance policies don't carry coverages for flooding. Flood insurance is a separate protection that is purchased. Once you buy a plan, it takes about a month until the coverage is valid. For this reason, don't wait until an impending flood to buy a policy. When you do have flood protection, it will cover the costs of damages to your home and the items inside. The amount you pay can fluctuate depending on where you live or the amount of protection you desire.

Why You Need Flood Insurance

Other than having peace of mind in the event of a disaster, here are a few reasons why having flood insurance is a good idea.

  • Flooding can occur, even if you don't live in a "high-risk" area.
  • It only takes one inch of water to create thousands of dollars in damages.
  • You are at risk for flood damage, especially in Texas where the weather is unpredictable.

Protect Your Greatest Investment with FB Taylor

As a homeowner, you deserve to have protection from all the threats of Mother Nature, including floods. For more information regarding a flood insurance policy in the Nederland, TX or surrounding areas, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Give us a call for all your needs from a reliable and trusted insurance agency.


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