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Condo Insurance in Texas

Protecting your investment in your home with the right insurance coverage is just as important for condo owners as it is other homeowners. However, it’s important to fully understand the ways your policy needs differ from those of the typical Texas homeowner. Choosing the right condo-specific insurance ensures you’re completely protected in all the ways you need to be. If you’re in Nederland, TX or the surrounding areas, FB Taylor can help

Why Buy Condo Insurance?

While your Texas condo association carries insurance that will cover potential damages to the building structure or common areas, it’s up to you to protect your individual unit and all the valuables inside. Condo insurance protects you under a variety of different circumstances, many of which are specific to condo living in particular.

  • In the event of a building mishap like a burst pipe or a fire, you’re covered should your personal belongings or the inside of your unit sustain damage as a result.
  • If a natural disaster ever requires you to temporarily relocate, your food and lodgings are covered.
  • Condo insurance protects you in the event anyone slips, falls, or injures themselves while visiting your unit.
  • If your unit is ever robbed or burglarized, condo insurance will see that you’re properly compensated.
  • If you ever decide to make improvements to your unit, condo insurance will ensure your upgrades are covered as well.

Choosing the Right Policy for You

Of course, no two Texas condominium owners are going to be exactly alike or have the same needs to consider, so it’s important to have a policy expertly tailored to fit your unique property and family. If you live in or near Nederland, TX, you can count on the insurance experts at FB Taylor to do the job properly. Give us a call or stop by our offices in person and let us set up you with the perfect policy for you!


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