Who should get condo insurance?

Those that live in the Nederland, TX area are going to have a lot of different options when it comes to housing. One excellent opportunity to consider is to purchase a condo. When you do buy a condo, you can take advantage of the benefits that come with owning a home while not having the same amount of responsibilities. If you do get a condo, it is usually a great idea to get insurance for it. There are several situations when someone will need condo insurance coverage. 

When Taking Out a Loan

One of the most common situations when someone will need to have condo insurance is when they want to take out a mortgage. Taking out a mortgage is usually one of the best ways to finance a home purchase. If you do take out a loan, you are going to need to abide by the lender’s insurance requirements. If you do not carry this coverage, you could find yourself in mortgage default.

When in an Association

You will also need to get a condo insurance policy if you live in a building with an association. Almost all condo owners are going to be required by their associations to maintain proper insurance. It is essential to follow the rules regarding your insurance needs as you will likely need to provide evidence of coverage at least once per year. 

If you are looking for condo insurance in the Nederland, TX area, you will want to speak with the team at FB Taylor. There are a lot of complexities that come with choosing an insurance policy, including condo insurance. If you need to get a new policy, FB Taylor can give you the advice you need to select an appropriate policy. 

Choose the Right Policy for Your Classic Car

If you have a classic car or antique vehicle of any kind, one of the most important things you can do to protect your investment in that vehicle is to have proper classic car insurance. Just make sure you’re talking to a knowledgeable agent about your policy needs because not every company offers this kind of insurance. You don’t want to end up with something you thought was protecting you, only to find out that you didn’t have the coverage you were counting on. At FB Taylor, we work with clients throughout the Nederland, TX area to ensure they have the right coverage for their classic vehicle needs.

A classic car is a prized possession, and it’s something that you’ve likely put a lot of time and effort into. Because of that, it requires special handling and the right kind of insurance policy to make sure it has adequate protection. A typical auto policy isn’t going to cover a classic vehicle, and as an important asset, you want to protect it and all the concerns you have about its safety. Talking with knowledgeable professionals about everything a classic policy offers is the right way to take good care of your vehicle for the long term.

If you’re in the Nederland, TX area, and need classic car insurance, or you have questions about a policy, reach out to us today at FB Taylor. Our agents will be happy to help you, whether you need a new policy or you want to update or make changes to your existing one. You don’t have to settle for a policy that you hope will protect you when you can choose something that you know will cover your classic car the right way. Then you can enjoy the vehicle and explore the local area in style.

Insurance tips for new boat owners

Buying a boat in Nederland, TX is one of the most exciting things for a boat enthusiast. While it comes with lots of fun-trips and memories, there is a lot of responsibilities involved from keeping your passengers safe to maintaining the boat with a boat insurance policy. At FB Taylor, we recommend buying adequate boat insurance regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned boater. So how do you go about the complicated insurance process? Here are a few tips to help.

Think about your insurance needs

Owning a boat for the first time means starting a new insurance journey. It is essential to understand your insurance needs before enquiring about coverages. If you intend to use your boat for commercial purposes, you will need to purchase commercial insurance. If you are going to use your boat occasionally, your insurance needs may revolve around theft, storage, and address.

Boat safety

If you are going to be in the water most of the time, you need to think about safety precautions. Lack of safety in the water may mean constant accidents and frequent claims from your insurance company, which can quickly raise your premiums. Aside from taking safety classes, you also need to buy enough liability coverage to ensure that you are financially safe in case of an accident.

Shop around for a good deal

Different insurance companies use different criteria to determine your insurance premiums. To make sure you are not falling into the wrong hands, shop around and enquire about different boat insurance rates based on your needs. Choose your insurance agent wisely, who will understand your insurance needs, and will help you choose the right coverages for your policy. Insurance experts at FB Taylor can offer you the guidance you need to make informed insurance decisions.

Remember that you will need additional coverage for land risks if your boat spends most of its time on land. If it is parked in your Nederland, TX home garage, home insurance may not offer enough coverage in case something happens to it. For more information, feel free to contact us today.

Who needs to get an auto insurance policy in Texas?

For people that are in the Houston and Nederland, TX area, owning a car is very helpful, as it will make it easier for you to get around town. For those that do own a car in this area, it is important to make sure that you get a proper insurance policy in place. There are several situations when someone in this state will need to get an auto insurance policy. 

When Taking Car Onto Public Road

The first situation when someone will need to get an auto insurance policy is when they intend to take their car out onto a public road. The state of Texas requires that all drivers comply with state laws regarding liability insurance. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you could face penalization. Maintaining this minimum level of insurance will ensure you can pay for damages if you cause any in an accident. 

When Taking Out a Loan

Another situation when you may need an auto insurance policy is when you are going to take out a loan. If you do decide to take out an auto loan to purchase or refinance your vehicle, the lender will want to ensure that you have a full auto insurance policy. This way, you can pay off the loan if the car is stolen or totaled in an accident. 

As you are shopping for insurance in the Houston or Nederland, TX area, a great source to help you get into an auto insurance policy that provides the right protection is FB Taylor. Choosing a new auto insurance policy can be complicated. The team at FB Taylor will help you to evaluate all of your options to make sure you choose the right policy for your situation. 

Top 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Buying Commercial Insurance for Your Business

When you start your business, one of the key factors to consider is what type of business insurance you need. With the wide selection of commercial insurance options available today, it might be challenging to purchase the right coverage that perfectly suits your business operations. To help you with the selection, FB Taylor in Nederland, TX has prepared a list with the five most common pitfalls to avoid when shopping for commercial insurance for your business.

Getting a Coverage That is Too Cheap

Picking an insurance plan solely because it is cheaper is not always the smartest decision because you might be left with an insufficient plan. However, it also does not mean you need to pay extra for the benefits you do not need. In order to make a knowledgable decision, make sure you shop around by weighing the plans’ premium accounts and features.

Not Reading the Policy Properly 

Every insurance policy contains important information about deductibles, coverage limits, and reimbursement policies. Therefore, it is vital to take your time and read the policy thoroughly.  

Not Considering Potential Income Losses

If your business sustains damages, you will most likely face the income losses from your business being shut down. By losing income, it might be difficult, if not impossible, to get back on your feet without coverage. 

Not Adapting Insurance to Your Growing Business

If your business is growing, the insurance should evolve along with the growth of your company. This means you should consider switching policies when your business expands. This might include bundling policies or getting more coverage.

Forgetting Workers’ Compensation

Unlike other states, Texas does not require business owners to carry workers’ compensation. However, if you are a good employer who cares for his employees, you should consider having workers’ compensation anyway. 

If you want to avoid mistakes and pitfalls when shopping for commercial insurance, the highly qualified agents from FB Taylor in Nederland, TX are ready to consult with you and help choose the best option. Just contact our office and give us a call today for more information.

Will Home Insurance Cover Pest Control?

Nederland, TX gets its share of pests during certain months, but, unfortunately, home insurance generally won’t cover the costs associated with getting rid of them, or repairing the damages.

This comes down to a couple of simple reasons:

  • Pest control is a matter of home maintenance. Your home insurance doesn’t cover cleaning supplies or replacement A/C filters, so it probably doesn’t cover pest control, either.
  • Generally speaking, pest control isn’t worth filing a claim over. Unless you have a termite infestation that you allow to get out of hand, controlling and correcting a pest situation is probably going to cost you less than the deductible you would pay to have your home insurance company take care of it.

The truth is that if more home insurers offered coverage for pest control and damages relating to pests, most of their customers wouldn’t take them up on it. Mousetraps cost about a dollar each and exterminators typically don’t charge enough to bother calling your insurer over. Home insurance is there to cover the big things, the stuff that we can’t easily cover ourselves out of pocket, so there’s not much cause, on the customer side or on the provider side, to worry about insurance for pest control or repairing damages left by an infestation.

If you’re still shopping around for home insurance in the Nederland, TX area, give FB Taylor a call and see what they can do for you, or get in touch through their website. Pest control is something most homeowners can handle themselves, but when it comes to storms and wind damage, you’ll be glad you have FB Taylor in your corner to help you handle the big damages.