Commercial Insurance for Startups: Your Guide

At FB Taylor, we can help Nederland, TX startups understand their different commercial insurance policy options. You need to protect yourself and your business from financial troubles early on, or you could end up becoming a victim of your own success.

Common Commercial Insurance Policies You’ll Need

  • Workers Compensation – If you plan on utilizing any employees, you’ll need compensation insurance to protect them if they get injured. Compensation also minimizes your risk of lawsuits.
  • Liability Insurance – Purchase a standard liability policy, along with employment practices liability, umbrella policies, and any others that make sense for you. 
  • Directors Insurance – Startups often need director’s insurance when you create a Board of Directors, as this helps to handle any financial troubles you may experience. 
  • Technology Error Policies – Many startups are tech-based or operate on a remote basis. As a result, you’ll need technological error policies to avoid long-term issues. 
  • Fiduciary Liability – Do you plan on offering health insurance, stock, and even 401k policies to your employees? You’ll need this policy to avoid serious dangers. 
  • Business Owners Policy – If you’re the single owner of your startup, you need a BOP policy to protect against bodily injuries and property damage to your facility, minimizing your financial loss. 
  • Commercial Crime Protection – Protection against crime is critical because it helps to minimize your potential loss if somebody outside your facility causes serious long-term issues. 
  • Key Person Protection – Many startups have that one person who seems to handle everything. This policy protects you if you lose that individual and provides financial support during your tough transition. 

We Can Help 

If you’re a startup that needs commercial insurance, turn to us at FB Taylor right away to get help. Our team at Nederland, TX, will work with you to assess your needs and figure out what policies make the most sense for you.