Texas Classic Car Insurance Restrictions Explained

When you have a classic car in Texas, your Texas auto insurance policy is going to look a little different than your standard car insurance policy. For classic car insurance, you are going to have some restrictions or requirements.

At FB Taylor, we want Nederland, TX residents to understand those restrictions, so that we can help you design the best classic car insurance for your needs.

Limitation on Usage

When you have a classic car, the value is significantly higher than your everyday vehicle. That’s why you have it. It’s a special thing that is irreplaceable in your heart. 

Insurance companies are going to give you a value on that irreplaceable vehicle, and some limitations. One of those limitations is usage limitations. That means that you can’t drive it every day. This is a pleasure vehicle that you use for special occasions.
You may be told how many miles you can drive it every year, or what you can use it for.

Driving Record Restrictions

Classic cars are special things that need to be taken care of with a certain level of responsibility. When you get classic car insurance, insurance providers want you to have records that indicate that responsibility. 

That means that you must be a good driver with a clean record, and have a minimum number of years of driving experience. You also must have an everyday use vehicle on its own auto insurance policy.

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